The Physical Effects of Depression

Depression is a complex disease with several interlinked causes, including genetics, stressful life events and brain chemistry. Thanks to marketing conducted by The Marketing Heaven on social networks about this mental illness, people around the world are now more aware of this complex disease. Low levels or imbalance of neurotransmitters are associated with depression and [...]

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Why so Many Meds?

Several complex factors contribute to the development of Bipolar Disorder.  These include genetic and environmental factors and an imbalance of chemicals in the brain. Exactly how the disorder develops is unclear, so it can be tricky to treat.  Brain chemicals – called neurotransmitters, are like couriers in the brain. They carry signals from one part [...]

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Out of the Ordinary ways to Help Manage Moods

Living with a mood disorder can be challenging. So it is no surprise that affected people frequently seek solutions to erratic moods outside of traditional Western medicine.   Bipolar disorder is a serious illness that needs to be treated by a qualified medical professional. Typically treatment includes psychotherapy and medication.    But thousands of people [...]

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Lifestyle Adjustments for Mood Management

Aside from being debilitating, a poorly managed mood disorder can be life-threatening. For most people treated for bipolar disorder, medication significantly improves their quality of life. But is there more that we can do to improve our health and mood stability? Embracing positive lifestyle changes can help. Nutrition Optimising nutrition for brain health is a [...]

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Food and Mood

We know that developing bipolar disorder is partly genetic and partly environmental. While mood instability is a symptom of chemical imbalance in our brains, these chemicals are influenced by our food, so our diet can profoundly impact brain chemistry, mood, and behaviour. Dietary habits that contribute to poor mental health.  Diets rich in sweets and [...]

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Flying too High

A manic episode is a marked phase of abnormally elevated mood. Mania and hypomania share the same symptoms, but they differ in severity. The best way to manage bipolar disorder is to prevent manic episodes. Although it is not always possible to avoid these episodes, a better understanding of triggers can help you manage the [...]

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Behaviours that Decrease Stress

Depression is caused by a complex combination of structural and chemical changes in the brain. And while multiple factors contribute to these changes, stress is a significant trigger. Stress and depression have what is known as a bidirectional relationship. This means that stress can cause depression, and depression can cause stress, making each other worse. [...]

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