Technology for your wellbeing

We know bipolar can be difficult to manage. So we created bipolar buddy to help you feel more empowered and less alone. We’re more than just an app – we’re a friendly guide, to help you track your mood, recognise your triggers, and remind you of what helps you feel balanced and stable. You know you best, so you can customise your account to fit your needs. Underpinned by intelligent AI and machine learning software, we are a helping hand, designed just for you.

Track your mood and the factors that affect it

You can choose what you want to track from a wide selection of variables including medication, sleep, stress, relationships, caffeine, alcohol consumption, seasonal changes, travel, food, life events and more.

Involve your support network

Your account is private, but you can choose to share useful insights with friends, family and your mental health team to help them support you in times of need.

Detailed analytics

We provide thorough statistics, graphs, charts and visualisations that are user-friendly, simple to understand and easy to interact with.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

We use intelligent technology to reveal mood patterns over time and use this to make recommendations and suggestions based on the data you have inputted.

More Features

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